DRAMAtis PERSONae is a tragicomic series about actors in New York.

These first few episodes are character portraits of people that the protagonist Lourdes encounters along the way. Inspired by elements of classic theater, this first season has underlying themes and parallels from 'The Lulu Plays' by Frank Wedekind, a play in which Lourdes has been cast. The scripted series follows a rehearsal process that culminates in a live production of the play they are rehearsing.



Lourdes and Nicole go to the laundromat, where Lourdes has a panic attack while grappling with an almost mandatory, mumblecore, Lena Dunham-ish existential crisis. When the girls are then catcalled while walking home, Nicole discovers Lourdes has a bark in her.


Marissa encounters what might be an older version of herself while on her way to an audition. Unable to catch a break, she goes to a band rehearsal where she sucks at drumming. She tries to get her crush's attention.


Lourdes auditions for an Off-Off-Off Broadway production of Frank Wedekind's 'The Lulu Plays' with a slightly off director. A promising business venture appears in her path.


Ruby attempts to mediate an argument between Lourdes and a stranger. Lourdes discovers that there's more than what meets the eye.


Ruby becomes jealous of Lourdes' new role. Reuben runs into an old flame. Lourdes turns to curbside solutions for spiritual alignment.